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Our mission is to get kids outside.


We believe that outdoor recreation provides unique and unbeatable opportunities to help kids integrate with their community, build healthy relationships and develop critical life skills. Through outdoor recreation, we provide a platform to help youth develop and nurture their physical, emotional and intellectual selves, which enhances their relationship and confidence in their surrounding natural environments.


The purpose of our society is to subsidize and deliver affordable programs to mainstream and at-risk youth in the Okanagan, giving every youth in our community the opportunity to participate in outdoor recreation, education and leadership activities.

Our goal is to impact upcoming generations - guiding them to become healthier adults who have a deep respect for themselves, their communities and the environment.

"Young people, when informed and empowered, when they realize that what they do truly makes a difference, can indeed change the world."

- Jane Goodall - 

Our Mission

Is simple: its to get kids outside, because we believe that getting outdoors changes everything.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Is to help create a new generation of adults who have a deep sense of self-respect, are integrated in healthy communities and who are committed to taking care of our natural environment.

Our Story

In 2007 founder Lyndie Hill started a business in outdoor recreation and adventure tourism with the goal of creating a culture of adventure in the Okanagan. This culture would help foster a strong future by exposing the community to the benefits, both physical and mental, that come from spending time in nature.   Lyndie understood that creating a culture meant that the community's youth would need to be immersed in a life that connected them to the earth through outdoor play and education.

 It didn't take long to realize that the cost of outdoor education would be the largest barrier to entry.  In 2015 she approached a group of like-minded women who were involved in many aspects of youth programming in the community and together, they would establish YORS as a way to subsidize outdoor education for the youth of the Okanagan, and in turn, remove the financial barriers keeping kids from having that special connection with the wild around them and their wild within.

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We Need Your Support!

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