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Y.O.R.S. was created out of the fundraising efforts of Hoodoo Adventures & Lyndie Hill. In 2016 it was officially founded as a not-for-profit subsidy program. Meet our dedicated employees & board of directors who all believe in the power of nature, and the value of getting kids outside. 

Liz Murphy

Fundraising & Development Co-Ordinator

Favourite Outdoor Activity: Canoeing

Liz has a B.A. in Environmental Studies with a focus on recreation, and a diploma in Adventure Tourism and Business. She has worked in outdoor education & recreation for 9 years in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. She spent her

childhood and a good chunk of adulthood at Camp Kawartha, an environmentally focused summer camp, which taught her the value of a connection with the outdoors. Now she lives her life outdoors all year long, and couldn't be happier.

"The confidence and independence that come with learning hard skills like paddling, portaging, and knot-tying, are priceless. When I taught canoeing in Ontario I had a young girl who wanted to try portaging (carrying a canoe on your shoulders to go between lakes), so I gave her that chance. She only got about 20m, as the canoe weighed almost as much as she did, but in that moment she was so proud of herself and realized she can do anything if she just believes she can. I believe everyone deserves that kind opportunity and encouragement." 

Lyndie Hill

Owner of Hoodoo Adventure Company

Chairman Of The Board Of Directors

Founder of Y.O.R.S.

Favourite Outdoor Activity: Kayaking

Lyndie has a lifetime of experience in the outdoors; growing up in the Okanagan she has always had a passion for the area. Lyndie spent 14 years travelling, hiking, biking, kayaking and climbing

around the world and was directly involved in the outdoor industry in New Zealand for 8 years; gaining experience and multiple qualifications. Her desire to start a family and to have an impact on a community that she loves brought her home where she has used her international experience to offer Penticton and area residence and visitors the opportunity to enjoy eco-friendly, outdoor adventure with local flare.


"I see outdoor recreation and adventure tourism as the perfect platform to create a community culture from and I feel blessed to have such an amazing place to call home and to raise my children."

Linnette Gratton

Interior Region ECD CYSN Community Development Advisor with PDCRS

Board Member Since 2016

Favourite Outdoor Activity: Mountain Biking

Linette has been working with communities to support children with special needs and their families for over 20 years.

 In addition to her regular work, she is also the Foster Parent Trainer for the South Okanagan through the Okanagan Foster Parents Association (OFPA) and a Provincial FASD Partnerships Train the Trainer.

When she is not doing all her “regular” work and roles in life she is out on the local mountain bike trails riding, coaching, guiding and volunteering with the Penticton & Area Cycling Association (PACA).  She is a level 1 certified mountain bike coach, guide and Sprockids leader; as well at a bike ambassador for Liv.

"Mountain biking is my absolute passion and I love to share it with women and kids!  When I am on my bike I feel: empowered, free, energized, happy, stress-free and connected with nature!  I am on the YORS board to support the creation of recreation opportunities for the children and youth of Penticton; with hopes they our children get a chance to explore and fall in love with the outdoor activities and the tap into unlimited opportunities for fun, friends and enhanced physical and mental wellbeing."

Michele Woitzik

Outdoor Educator with RDCO

Board Member Since 2016

Favourite Outdoor Activity: Skiing

Michele graduated from McMaster University with a Bachelor of Kinesiology and Queen’s University with a Bachelor of Alternative Education. Over the past 15 years, she has worked as an educator at Outdoor Education 

Schools, as a RDCO Park’s Interpreter and has helped created environmental education curriculum for SORCO. The majority of her teaching career has been spent at First Nation’s schools where she has been grateful to have many opportunities to take part in land-based learning and learn traditional ecological knowledge from local elders and teachers. Her favourite way to spend her free time is with family and friends enjoying the beauty of the Okanagan either in a kayak, on

skis, by foot or in the garden with her hands deep in the earth.

"I advocate for and facilitate outdoor education opportunities for the children that I work with, and I hope that my involvement with YORS will help create similar opportunities for children in more traditional educational settings to escape the classroom and learn in the outdoors."

switch to a more adventures tourism program. As outdoor tourism is not popular in Ukraine, she was fascinated by different outdoor opportunities in Canada. Enjoys canoeing, skiing, hiking, camping, skating, rollerskating. Passion for outdoor tourism and the knowledge that she gained at the university helps her working at YORS.


'' Providing more opportunities for kids to enjoy outdoor activities through YORS and other fundraisings gives me feeling, that I am making World a happier place". 

Anastasiya Ryabkova

Fundraising & Development Summer Co-ordinator

Favourite Outdoor Activity: Hiking

Anastasiya was born in Ukraine and move to Canada to study in Natural Resources Science program. After two and a half years decided to 

Candice Christiansen

Board Member Since 2016

Natalie Tupin

Board Member Since 2016

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