Y.O.R.S. was created out of the fundraising efforts of Hoodoo Adventures & Lyndie Hill. In 2016 it was officially founded as a not-for-profit subsidy program. Meet our dedicated employees & board of directors who all believe in the power of nature, and the value of getting kids outside. 


Owner of Hoodoo Adventure Company

Chairman Of The Board Of Directors

Founder of Y.O.R.S.

"I see outdoor recreation and adventure tourism as the perfect platform to create a community culture from and I feel blessed to have such an amazing place to call home and to raise my children."


Youth Program Manager 

"Spending most of my young life exploring the waterways and untouched forests of Northern Canada, I have experienced first hand the impact of outdoor recreation programs. It is my duty to provide youth with the same opportunities and life lessons such programs can offer."


Outdoor Educator with RDCO

Board Member Since 2016

"I advocate for and facilitate outdoor education opportunities for the children that I work with, and I hope that my involvement with YORS will help create similar opportunities for children in more traditional educational settings to escape the classroom and learn in the outdoors."


Interior Region ECD CYSN Community Development Advisor with PDCRS Board Member Since 2016

 "I am on the YORS board to support the creation of recreation opportunities for the children and youth of Penticton; with hopes that our children get a chance to explore and fall in love with the outdoor activities and the tap into unlimited opportunities for mental wellbeing"