Welcome to our Virtual Adventure Challenge. By Registering for this event, you are supporting the Youth Outdoor Recreation Society, which will help us get kids outside as soon as we are able… and we are sure our youth are going to need more green time and less screen time, now more than ever before!

We have already raised enough to send 5 kids to camp!  Let's keep up the good work!  If you or someone you know is struggling through this time and would like to apply to send a child to adventure camp, please contact us today.

How it Works

The Rules are simple:

You will have 8 Maps, 4 in the Kelowna area, 4 in the Penticton area.

This is not a race but a challenge so the time you take to complete each map is not important.

There will be a draw at the end (July 25th) and the winners will receive some great prizes from Legend Distilling.

To Enter the draw, you must complete 3 of the maps. You can choose which ones to do and you can choose to complete them on foot, on bike or a combination of both. There are also 2 maps that can be done paddling (1 in Kelowna, 1 in Naramata) You can do them alone or social distancing with a friend or with your kids!

Each map has:


*Triangle showing you where to Start & Finish

*3 Circles representing the checkpoints (CP) you must go to in order to complete the map

*3 picture challenges that need to be completed as well


*2 optional checkpoints (OP) that you can choose to get or not. If you get them both, you will obtain an additional draw ticket.

What do you need to participate in the virtual challenge?

*Download Strava on your phone or have it linked to a watch. You will need to send a picture of your Strava workout to us


*A camera or phone that can take pictures. You will need this to take pictures at the Checkpoints (they are special features of the area), as well as take the challenge pictures described on the maps

*A sense of Adventure and “can-do” attitude! 😉

*A way to print the maps (they are made to be printed on A4) or you can view the maps on your phone.

*The use of a compass is not mandatory but can be useful

To Enter the draw:

You will need to complete at least 3 of the maps and send the following info to 

*A picture of each completed Strava workout for at least 3 maps along w/ the pictures of the checkpoints for that map

*Pictures of your 3 challenges (challenges are described on the map)


You can earn an additional draw ticket by:

*Completing the Optional checkpoints (1 ticket per map if both optional checkpoints are found)

*Completing additional maps (1 ticket per additional map completed)

*Originality in your challenge pictures (there will be an internal vote for the best pictures of each map & 1 ticket will be allocated per map)

Additional note:

A lot of Wildlife has been spotted while making those maps. Bears, Snakes, Bighorn Sheeps...

Keep in mind that some trails may not be shown on the map.

If you require to rent A kayak, canoe or Stand Up Paddle to complete the water map you can reach out to Hoodoo Adventures. 

If you have any questions please reach out to events@hoodooadventures.ca

Please share this with your friends and family, the more popular these events are, the more we want to create for them for the community and the more we can get our local youth outdoors and active too!!

We hope you enjoy the adventure and fresh air.  We are wishing everyone the best of health and wellness in these uncertain times.


The Hoodoo Adventure Team

Thank You to our Sponsor for the June Challenge...

Please support local and visit our breweries!

Challenge starts June 1st.

Thank You to our Sponsor for the July Challenge...

Please support local and visit Legend Distilling

Challenge starts July 1st.